World will run with Brain Microchips

Brain micro chips will make humans supercomputer. This chip can be implanted in the brain through a small operation, later you will be able to connect this chip to the computer and teach it in a few seconds.

Those who have seen Matrix movie of Revenge, they will remember a scene of the movie very well. In this scene, the film's hero Neo (Kinnu Reeves) had to learn how to fight martial arts and weapons to fight villains. To learn these two arts, the hero sat on an electronic chair. After this, a cable is inserted in his brain, which is connected to the computer on the other side. In a few seconds, all files related to running martial arts and weaponry from the computer are copied in the mind of Kienu Reese, and in a few minutes they become master of martial arts without any practice. Based on science fiction, this story of this film is going to change very quickly and it has been picked up by big names such as Google and Alan Musk to transform it into reality. Recently Google has developed a new chip with Artificial Intelligence, which has been renamed Google Brain Chip. This chip will turn our brain into a mini super computer. This | The chip will be able to absorb the brain through a small operation. After this chip you can connect to the computer and learn anything in a few seconds. This will increase your thinking - thinking power and your productivity will also increase significantly

Allen Musk is planning a step ahead 

Google is not working alone on brain microchips, but scientists and entrepreneurs around the world are engaged in it. Alan Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, is also working on a plan to make Humanian (ie, a system that is half human and half a robot) by connecting the human brain with Artificial Intelligence one step further. For this, he has started a venture named after Newralink.

+ Will be able to do Google Brain Chips 

According to the Daily Mirror, the students will be able to remember everything through this chip. And for this, they will not need to wear tired home work or dull rattles. But this will be just the beginning. Through this chip, you will be able to drive a non-hand car, you can make a call, order a pizza, even if you think you will be able to give directions to the work of home machines. If you want to forget any bad memories of your life forever, you will be able to do that too. Overall, your life will be quite automated.

+ Brain Microchips O the future of humanity 

 Founder Brian Johnson, a founder of a startup kernel associated with brain microchips, has said that brain microchip is the future of humanity. In the next few years, this technology will become more famous than a smartphone and will give the scientists the power to fully utilize the hidden capabilities of the brain. According to Johnson, this is the only technology that will help keep humanity alive in the future. Using these microchips, people will be able to forget old memories, purchase good memories and store them in their own minds and eliminate their own negative themes.

 + Will work like this chip 

After applying this chip, you will not have to remember anything, but it will work just like the Smart Assistant of our phone works. This device will connect directly to the brain and provide the necessary information. For example, if you want to find an answer to a question, you only have to think about it, only by thinking you can send a signal to the brain chip. The chip in your brain will immediately find the answer to that question and signal back to the brain and you will be able to immediately answer the right answer.
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