This is the gift of technology on the new year -

+ Folded display.

Folded display.

The display can be folded to fit. Samsung has proved this through a phone, which becomes a tablet when it is unfolded. It has been called Infiniti Flex Displays. This kind of first phone will be launched in 2019. When you have to answer a call or put the phone in a pocket, it becomes smaller and can expand while viewing a video or viewing content in the group. One advantage of this is roll-up display. Such a TV can be hidden if it does not work.

+ Digital Detox 

Due to smart devices, we have stopped focusing on essential things. Now a lot of time is wasted in the digital world. Maybe you need digital detox There are already apps for digital detox but if you are present in the device, you will get deep integration. Starters can see how much time they spent on certain apps or definitive categories of apps. We can set that no device can disturb us much. In this way you will be able to focus on important tasks.

+ 90 and 120 Hits Display 

 90 and 120 Hits Display

You might have noticed that some displays are better than others. It can also be due to the refresh rate. The standard refresh rate for display is 60 hr, meaning that the image you see can be updated or refreshed 60 times in a second. Apple's iPad Pro has an adaptive refresh rate (up to 720 Hz) screen. Now the only phone with a 120Hz display is Roger phone that has not been made available in India.

+ Charge  in a coffee break

Charge  in a coffee break

Speed ​​of charging in the coming days. Can increase significantly. We have to feed more during the charging while charging and keeping the temperature lower will have to maintain the battery cells more. OnePlus Dash Charging charges fastest Suppo of OPPO charges 50-watt charging solution for charging 0 to 100 percent in 35 minutes.

+ 5G's Do Preparation 

5G's Do Preparation

There are two main upgrades of shift in the 5G network - more speed and less delay. This will get much faster speeds (up to 10 GBps) and you will be able to exchange information. This will end the problem of delays in notifications. This will prove to be very useful for self-driving vehicles, connected products, etc.

+Noch up 

The year 2018 will go for the Nokia smartphone. OnePlus 6T has a water-drop style knouch, which has only front camera and sensors. In 2019, companies making smartphones will try to resolve the problem of Notch in three ways - the slider, the camera behind the display and the dual display. About the Galaxy S10 series, it is said that there will be display cutouts for the camera. Vivo Nex Dual and Nubia are innovating with X Dual Display and set of cameras. These innovations will be seen in top smartphones in the new year.
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