These things were made for astronauts

Most of the inventions of the world are such that those other than their original motives are coming in handy. Know about some of the things which were initially made by keeping in mind the journey of astronauts, but later the need of the common people +Ear thermometer
Ear thermometer
NASA and Dietet have developed eight oz of an orral thermometer, which emits from the ear. Uses infrared astronomy techniques to measure energy. Now it has started working everywhere.
+Memory foam
Memory foam
NASA discovered this foam in 1970 when looking for comfortable chairs for aircraft pilots. These were later used by the space shuttle. Also started in Now the memory foam has become a lot of work.
+Freeze-dried food
Freeze-dried food
NASA thoroughly researched the space used in space. During this same search, NASA succeeded in finding freeze drawing technology. Under this technique, 98 percent of nutritious food can be retained.
+ East Busters To collect samples from the moon, NASA sought help from Black and Decker to develop lightweight devices. In 1979, the company used this technique to make dust busters. + Computer Mouse
Computer Mouse
In 1960, a NASA researcher was in search of how to make computers more interactive. In the meantime, Idea came to know how to present the data better on the screen. From this, the idea of ​​a mouse came.
+cat scan
cat scan
Need a good digital image for the space program The Jet Propulsion Laboratory played an important role in developing this technique. From this, CT Scanner and Help in developing radiography
+ Water Purification System
Water Purification System
In the 1960s, NASA developed electrolyte silver iodizer to keep the drinking water of astronauts pure. Today, this technique is used to destroy the bacteria present in swimming pools.
+ led
The red LED is used to grow plants in space and treat humans on earth. The use of red LED by NASA has helped in the development of medical devices like W10.

+athletic shoes
athletic shoes
If NASA had not created suite manufacturing technology, then there is no existence of Nike Air Trainer.
+Tactical removal work

Theodol Propolishation NASA's surplus rocket fuel is used to generate a particular type of light. Which uses landmine tunnels. Could be safely destroyed. + Foil Blanket

These blacettes, which are used in extreme temperature on earth, come from light insulator. Whose development NASA had done to rescue people and Spacecraft in space. + Portable Computer
Portable Computer
Due to adoption of grid composite, SPOC's The development was called the first laptop. Modify hardware and new ones for its construction Software was to develop. It boomed the commercial market.
+ Baby Formula

Baby Formula

The technique used in babies' food can be attributed to NASA. It is only NASA's research that how to be used in algae things during the long journey in space. +camera phone

camera phone

In 1990, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory started the process of installing such scientific-quality cameras on the spacecraft which can be easily found on them. Now one-third of the cameras come with this technology. + smoke detector

smoke detector

The discovery of the world's first smoke detector is not credited to NASA, but it also developed advanced technology which is called the best alarm system in today's date. This invention found solutions to a major problem.

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