The Wi-Fi at home is awesome.

+ Improve coverage

Improve coverage

Placement of 0 placement router is very important. It makes the quality of the signal good or bad. Router's Signal Omni Travel in the direction and walk downwards, keep it anywhere. If you have placed the router down in the corner of your house then this is a very bad location. If you need a good signal around it then it's in the center of the house. Should keep up. If you have a router on a middle ground in the house, then the signal's signal. Quality improves Signal and speed improvements on improving its position from the ground. The router does not have a metal object or other electronic device (microwave, cordless phone etc.).

+ additional tools
additional tools

If you can not change the place to keep your router and want better coverage, you can take help of Wi-Fi range extender. It connects to existing Wi-Fi networks and repeats it to increase coverage. This proves to be a good option for a small home. If you have a big house and you want Wi-Fi on every floor of the house, then Mesh Router is the best option for you. Mesh Router has a main router. It also has extra nodes, which can be kept around the house. Once installed, the Mesh Router setup offers detailed coverage without reducing speed. Mesh Router of good quality offers better coverage in a 5000 square feet apartment with a single extra node.

+ 02. 4 or 5 GHz
02. 4 or 5 GHz

These are two frequencies on which dual band routers work. Single band router just 2 4 GHz spectrum works in. 5 GHz spectrum gives fast speed, but its coverage is low whereas 2 4 GHz less speed, but its coverage is much more. it happens . Dual band routers do not have to choose any one. If the router has it then you can choose 5 GHz network for fast speed, while the other time 2 4 GHz can be connected to the network.

+ Guest access
Guest access

There were parties at your house many times. Will be. In this way you do not need to give your Wi-Fi password to anyone else. For many Routers guests. Giving the option of creating a separate network. It's good for safety purposes. If you want data on your network. Limit can also be set. This will not tension that your entire bandwidth will cost the guests. Avoid malware or tension of the virus through the guest device on the shared device from the shared network.

+Take care of bandwidth

 Track with router
Take care of bandwidth   Track with router

Your router prepares the full log of every device connected to it. In this way you can easily track your usages. Access your router's settings through a web browser. For this, in the address bar, 192 168 1. 1 or. 192. 168 0. Type 1. Have user manuals Login and login using the username and password. Some router's interfaces are quite confusing, but you can get Network Information or Wi-Fi status sections. Must definitely see. Here you can see the list of devices connected to your router. If you see any such device connected, which you do not recognize then you can change your password immediately by removing it from the list. In this way, you can also make your network bandwidth safe.

+ Software help
Software help

Now many router makers offer apps for network management. However, if you wish, you can easily analyze your network by using third party applications. You can use the free version of Cappa (www. Colasoft com / capsa) or wireless network watch (www Both of these are connected to your Wi-Fi network for the connected device and scan the information related to IP address, data usage, computer name, in easy-to-understand visual format. In this way you can find out that there is no such unknown device without having to go to the router settings. Connected to your network. This method warns you of unknown dangers.

+ Quick Tips

Quick Tips

You should change your Wi-Fi password regularly. This keeps the network safe.

. Update router firmware You must add important security patches from time to time.

. Router login password must be changed.

If you keep the company's default password then hack the network. Will be easy.

. You should enable the router firewall. Most of the routers have this option in the settings. You should keep it on.
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