The way the world views technology changes

The way the world views technology changes

VIR, IOT, Smart Glasses and Stereoscopic Vision System are changing the view of seeing our world

CareOs's Artemis

IOT Connected Smart Mirror 

It's a smart mirror that uses random features. It takes time to track your vision. It works like a fitness coach. It checks the quality of the air and suggests makeup using agronomic reality. It can identify the products and how they have to take them into work.

 + Foresight QuadSight

Autonomous Vehicle Vision 

QuadSite is a new multi-spectral stereoscopic vision system, which has the capability to detect disruptions in all weather and lighting conditions for semi automomous and autonomous vehicles. Its quad - Two pairs of Long Web Infrared (LWIR) are engaged in the camera technology vision system.

 + Focus headset with HTC Viva

Nordic Trak Introduced a new way of playing with its new VR bike. With the help of Virtual Reality Technology, users will be able to separate the Universe. Does transport. With the help of HTC Vive Focus VR wireless headset and integrated gaming features and controls. The VR bike puts your physical efforts directly into your VR avatar in the gameplay. Your physical endeavors control difficulties and progress levels in Virtual World.

+ PanaCast3 Intelligent Video Collaboration Device 

Altia Systems has introduced Panasonic 3. It is the world's first Intelligent Panoramic Video System, which has a capacity of 40 megapixels. There are three 13 megapixel cameras. It has stereo microphones and advanced software so that the entire room can be captured in the video. It has a multisencer AI array that can detect people. In this, the Field of View is automatically arranged so that everyone involved in the conversation can be captured.

Mopic Snap 3D

World's First 3D / VR Viewer Phone Case

Mopik is a 3D VR solution company. It recently launched an application-based Smartphone Cover Snap 3D. Protective smartphone cases are not used. Keeps attached to the back on the go. When you have to visualize 3D video, you can easily attach the case to the front to get stereoscopic vision. By taking the Snap 3D exclusive application you can take 3D images and play 3D games too.

 + Letinar PinMR AR Optical solution

AR Smart Glass

Startup Latin AR of South Korea recently launched PinMR AR Optical Solutions. Its field of view is wide. It has been used in simple manufacturing process. Its color expression is concatenated. There is a full line-up module of lenses which gives 80 degree of diagonal field of view. This gives fantastic AR experience. The company is trying to overcome the longstanding technological barrier in the AR industry with its Pinarm technology.
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