The Danger of privacy on the phone!

Hackers have data on your smartphone • There are several ways to steal. They install the wrong software code in the phone. You can not find any information about them. They start stealing many important information. Companies operating in operating systems know that hackers can hack their operating system. Therefore, they issue updates from time to time. Apple's iOS and Google's Android are shaded in the world market. Both companies are trying to make their operating systems completely secure - their own. They try to offer users a safe operating system through new versions and security patches.

+ World's Second Largest Market 

World's Second Largest Market

Android out of every 10 phones in India Working on the operating system. One third of India's operating system operating system was released in March 2015 or earlier. Hackers can steal notifications by hacking Android phones. After China, India is the world's largest smartphone market. Due to the decrease in data prices, the number of first-time smart phone users is increasing. They should be aware of what the phone has to click on and which is not. Many times there are intriguing messages on the phone, clicking on which may result in malware and the data may be stolen.

+ # Stanford University has researched a way in which a smartphone's motion sensor is used as a crude microphone and your conversation can be heard. This allows hackers to grab your important information.

+. Hackers can change the password of your phone and get access to the private data in the device. Stacking bank account numbers and credit card data. Can be used incorrectly.

+. Some famous categories of apps such as Flashlights can be an easy way to mailware, many apps ask for permission to excuse the term of agreement, and access from phone logs to photos.

+. Hackers can install dangerous codes on your smartphone. This allows them to access your photos and read messages. They can also turn on your microphone.


. Hacked smartphone can be a part of a network of computers that can May be involved in mining cryptoconcency. Your smartphone can be used for wrong actions.

+Take the phone with caution 
Take the phone with caution

The common Indian user allows the term and condition written in English without singing. It is difficult to install the hacking app in Apple's iPhone, so hackers target Indian Android users. Privacy laws in the country have been outdated and there is lack of regulation regarding private data access and data storage. Hackers collect personal information by taking advantage of this.

Keep operating system up to date
Keep operating system up to date

Less than 6 percent of India's Android phone users have the previous Important operating systems are released, most of the time iPhone Runs are run on the latest release. The iPhone is considered to be more secure in the world because the company holds control over both hardware and software. Google Play is full of bad apps compared to the Apple App Store.
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