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Engineer Eben Upton, a computer chip manufacturer in Broadcom, was enjoying a Bonfire Party in 2007. During this time he met an 11-year-old boy. He wanted to be an electrical engineer, but he did not have the money to buy a computer. He requested to make a cheap computer from Upton. The talk of that boy touched his heart and then he decided to make a computer that would be able to do all the work of the day with the cheapness. From there, the story of computer system Raspberry Pie started.

+ Beginning of Basic Chip 

Eben Upton was working on the project of chip design for his company. He created a machine in 2006 that could do the job of a computer, but he did not meet his expectations. Later, he began to build a basic chip with Cambridge University professor Alan Mycroft, electronics engineer Pete Lomas and other colleagues who worked as children's computers.

+ Is like a mini computer

Is like a mini computer

In the year 2011, he presented his first successful design as raspberry pie. After this, continuous improvements have been made and today the third best-selling mini-computer circuit board has been formed after raspberry pie laptops and desktop computers. It is being used in many things. We can say that whatever mini computer we are seeing today is all thanks to the recipe for raspberry pie.

+ Miracle happened in

Upton and his colleagues were quite optimistic about their project. He made a video of his project and posted it on YouTube. He also announced the sale of this machine for $ 35. On hearing this, the attention of the people went on their new product and millions of people raised their enthusiasm. Due to positive response, he soon launched it in the market and within a few days he had more than 1, 00, 000 orders. Since then, millions of Raspberry Pie have sold millions of models.

+ What is raspberry pie

The raspberry pie is an electronic circuit board, on which connectors and ports are made for the equipments used in computing. Like a common computer, it also has space for processor, RAM, audio-video portals and data storage. This board ranges from 700 MHz to 1 There is a processor of 4 GHz capacities. It has RAM from 256 MB to 1 GB. It comes with four USB ports. It can be used to run the Internet through Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

 + How to Raspberry Pie Name 

The Upton team was working on this new and unique project, then they named their project as pie. During those days many nomenclature of computer companies were named after fruit, so Upton was not getting the name. In this way, he added the word raspberry to the name of this mini-computer project and named it as raspberry pie. This name has become quite famous.

+ Additions can be added.

You can enjoy HD and full HD video by connecting it to any smart TV or monitor via HDMI port. 3 for audio in A 5 mm jack comes in. From which you can connect the headphones. For some data storage, there are spaces available from 2 GB to 32 GB in some models. You can increase the data storage by up to 256 GB via SD card. If you want to add any accessories like sensors or cameras, then there are options in it too.

+ Where to buy raspberry pie

You will not get the raspberry pie circuit board in the market. You can buy this online. E-commerce website (Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Alibaba etc) can buy from 25 to 45 US Dollars. Following the instructions in the instructions book, you can make raspberry pie machine at home. This requires a USB keyboard, mouse and monitor for smart TV or monitor.

+ Operating System

Operating System

For this, the company has built a Linux-based operating system, which can be downloaded and installed. If you feel uncomfortable working on it, you can install the Iot version of Windows 10 along with other versions of Linux such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Kali Linux, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux or Android operating system. All these operating systems are free. And also easy to install.

+ Where is the experiment

Today, we are looking at any of the automated gadgets in our homes, using Internet connected equipment, all of which have a board of raspberry pie. Recently, NASA has created its OpenSource Rover project fully using the Raspberry Pie 3 circuit, which will be used for study on other planets and satellites.

+ Software


Any software can be installed on the raspberry pie machine. Even of this machine. The experiment is also done in 3D printing. You can create a new program by installing C plus Plus in this machine. For complex calculations of mathematics, you can also install Mathematica or Volume Language on it. Apart from these, there is a very long list of softwares that you can install on Taspbeta Pie Machine. If you have any new accessories on your machine such as infrared camera, senses

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