Phone is your true companion

Today there is a smartphone in every hand. There is something special in every phone. Someone has great apps, so new games in one. The youth are engaged in the smartphone all the time. They keep checking some or nothing. Never new email or new notifications The Facebook app also keeps telling that somebody has just taken your photo. If you think that you too have the phone. If you have been captured then need to stop and think. Keep your life free from the phone and call it | You have to be a partner of your productivity. Know about its method

+Do not use phone in every

Do not use phone in every

Everything is available in your phone. This does not mean that you run behind the phone for every job. You have to take a photo or apply a snapchat filter. . . It is not prudent to take the phone for everything. You should decide which work to take in the phone. Other gadgets can also be used to bring peace to life. For example, if the alarm is needed, then buy alarm clock. This will get rid of the hassle of keeping the phone near the bed.

+Clean up bad apps
Clean up bad apps

Take a look at your phone. Think about the apps in it. Think if these apps are improving your life. Can not you stay without updating every ball of cricket match, candy crush or ipl? Delete everything in the phone, which is not improving your life. Your objective should be to make the phone a productive partner. Such apps should be installed in a phone that has the ability to move your life to the next level.

+Control on the home screen

Control on the home screen

Your phone's home screen is such that you see many times throughout the day. Keeping the regular work in the home screen should be kept Avoid keeping apps that waste time. On the home screen, there should be apps with specific end-to-end tasks. Calendar applications, Google Maps, and note-taking applications should be preferred. Those apps should be kept on the home screen, from which they can learn new things. All non-essential applications should be shifted to another folder.

+Overcome Notifications

Overcome Notifications

Due to the notifications, the attention of the users is the most disruptive. When you are trying to do some work carefully, then the notification comes and the attention gets wandered. Go to the settings of the phone and turn every notification turned off. Calendar and Reminder Apps can keep notifications up to date. Vibration should also be turned off by going into notification settings. Only those people who have to contact should be left to you.
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