Do you want digital cleanup

Most of us have started taking regular internet work. We also use many types of Google services like YouTube, Android phone or pixels but do you know that excessive use of them can give you stress. Digital cleanup is required to avoid this. It protects you from exposure to digital life. Know how you can do a digital cleanup in your life

+ If you have Google Home

If you have Google Home

 Set the betimes routine from Google Home so that you can sleep comfortably at night. Voice commands like 'Goodnight' or 'Bettime', Google Assistant will run your routine. There are things like switching off lights to playing sleep sounds. You can say 'turn on do not disturb' It silent notifications on Google Home device and pixel phones.

+ If you have an Android phone

If you have an Android phone

If you are an Android user and your phone is running on Android 9pie, then you can use a digital valve dashboard on your device. It explains how every app is being used regularly on the handset. The 'Wind Down' feature is also available in the Android 9 pie. When it is bedtime, your device's screen fills up to grayscale and automatically turns on the 'Do Not Disturb' switch.

+ If you watch too much video

If you watch too much video

Youtube's mobile app has a feature called 'Time Watch Profile'. How much time did you spend inside the app You can know the daily average time. There is also a feature that can decide in advance how long to watch the video. After setting the target Youtube Brake reminder gives. is . It forces you to pause the video in the interconnects, which you can easily set up.

+ You use pixels 3

 You use pixels 3

Google's pixel phone works with the same kind of mindfulness features like Android devices running on 9 pie. There is also a special feature in it. It inspires to spend less time on the device. if you . If your pixels are reversed on the towel 3 then it automatically goes into do not disturb mode.

+ If Google services work

If Google services work

Google Mindful Broke Chrome extension for Chrome users. Gmail users can turn on High Priority Notifications. It limits the email alerts you receive. The app automatically recommends archiving files for Google Photos users so that they do not have to manually delete them. The Google Calendar app has the option of creating goals.

+ You have Google Wi-Fi

You have Google Wi-Fi

If you are a Google Wi-Fi user then you can schedule internet breaks in your home. There is also a special feature in it that you can pause your Wi-Fi at the time of diner or sleeping. This gives your entire family a break from 5 fi.

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