Do Not Miss these Whatsapp Facts

Whatsapp has become an app to work in everyday life. There are many useful features in this messaging app, which do not have much information about the common people. With the help of these, you can use Whatsapp more effectively.

+ Monitor storage usage. 

Monitor storage usage.

By default, when Photoset connects to mobile data, all photos. It automatically starts downloading and connecting to Wi-Fi, photos, video, documents, and everything downloads automatically. If you want to know which special space is coming to work, then go to Settings then Go to the data usage and go to Storage Usage. Here you will see a list of all chats fixed based on the maximum storage usage. Tap on any chat to view Storage Uses' backups as photos, videos, voice messages, and documents. After this, you can delete media with the highest storage chats.

+ Stard messages like bookmarks 

Stard messages like bookmarks

Sometimes it happens that you want to mark the message L to read in the chat or to read later. For this, you can tap and hold that particular message. After this tap on the star icon above. If you want to see that message some time later, you do not need to scroll through the complete list of chats. Open chat and tap on the contact name above. This will open contact details. Here you will see the stard message. By tapping on it you will be able to easily read that particular message. Special thing is that something Messages can be read comfortably even after days.

+ Search in  Special Chat 

 Search in  Special Chat

Search all you chat in Whatsapp. Search is available but you can do some search in a special contact chat if you need it. For Android users, open that chat, where you want to search. For options, tap on the three dots on the right side, and you will see another search option here. With this help you can easily complete your search. Ios users have to tap the contact's name by opening the chat. This will show contact details and you will be able to search.

 + Send videos like animated gifs 

Send videos like animated gifs

If you want to send the video as an auto-playing animated gif on the loop, you can do this with WhatsApp. Select the video that you want to send and by default the WhatsApp will show a preview with the option to trim the video or write captions. A box at the bottom of the preview timeline will appear as a gif. Tap to choose it and Whatsapp will send the video as an animated gif and send it.

 + Transfer from one phone to another 

Transfer from one phone to another

Are you taking a new phone and your WhatsApp chat old phone? Do not want to lose?

Are you buying a new phone and do not want to lose your WhatsApp chat with the old phone? The best way for iPhone users is to use iTunes and back up the old phone and restore it to the new phone. Open WhatsApp and go through the login process. Whatsapp will be open with all the chats, media and groups. Android users will have to work extra steps. Connect the phone to a computer and copy the Whatsapp folder from the phone and keep it in the computer. After this, connect a new phone to the computer and copy back the Whatsapp folder to the new phone's internal storage. When you login to WhatsApp, all the chats will be restored. Another way is to use cloud storage to backup itself from within WhatsApp. Go to Chat backups in Settings and go to Chat backup On iOS iCloud and Android will create a backup on Google Drive.

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