After these steps, after losing your phone, you will still be in control

  * Smartphones are of great importance to us all. In every 2 years, we plan to buy these latest gates. If smart phones are lost or stolen, then we become very upset if they take some steps before losing the phone, then there is some hope for the return of the phone. Know what you should do to keep the phone safe

+Take care of special things

 As it is said that disasters and opportunities are unannounced, regular backups such as photo media notes etc. apps like Google Photos offer unlimited backups for free in the media, both Google and Apple both offer data Built-in mechanisms for backups on cloud straits offer the way to transfer all content from a USB cable to a computer.

+ Note the IMEI number

Note the IMEI number

IMEI Gandhi International Mobile Equipment Identity It is unique for every mobile, it is a 15 digit number, there is a Piya number on the bill, dialing 06 in your phone can get this number. This number should be written somewhere, if your phone is lost then please submit the complaint time to the police.

 + Activate Tracking

Activate Tracking

Both Android and iPhone have built in real time location tracking service. For this, by going to or, Google Account can log in with the Apple ID. The back interface can see the device's last location, the alarm can play off the device people can can delete the data.

 + Emergency contacts added

Emergency contacts added

 Maybe the phone will be lost to any honest person and he wants to return but after the phone is locked he can not know who it is. Without an orthitation lock the lock screen, you usually see an emergency call button. You can choose some contact from your phone book as Imar Jansen Contact.

 + Anti-theft apps

Emergency contacts added

 Cerberus Masquerade is Anti Theft App. This phone can stop you from shutting down. Some thieves try to change your SIM, then the message goes from the self to the preset number. To catch the culprit, it can also take screenshots, pictures and videos from the front camera. It can record audio from a microphone

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