5G Network As A Brilliant Speed

5G Network As A Brilliant Speed

Self driving cars, remote robotic surgery, LI Autonomous Weapons. . . Through all this 3G wireless network we are ready to reach out to all of us. This will bring a big change in our lives and millions of dollars will be added to the global economy every year. Economists believe that 5G will see major changes in the economy. London-based Global Information Provider IHS Markets estimates that in the year 2035, 5G will bring additional annual sales of additional $ 12 trillion dollars. The best thing for the customers is that mobile data speed will be quite fast.

+ Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics

Some cities have already got driver cars on the roads. At the same time, the commercial use of these vehicles will not be possible without the speed and full capacitance of 5G networks because mobile data processing of many data in real time has to be done. After the 5G network arrives, many major changes will be seen in the world of transport and logistics. Due to the 5G, the capacity of the logistics will increase. This will also increase the number of connected autonomous trucks and cargo ships.

+ What is 5g Internet ?

What is 5g Internet ?

5G i.e. short form of fifth generation This is the term used for advanced wireless systems. The system is using 5G new radio software, it is 5G. There are five such companies in the world offering 5G radio hardware and systems - HUVAI, ZTE, Nokia, Samsung and Ericsson.

+ Security and war 

 Security and war

The 5G network will promote the development of full autonomous weapons. These weapons themselves will decide to fire on the target themselves. This will also enable people tracking from facial recognition technology.

+ Office


Your office work will be smart There will be advancement in Ai and machine learning from 5G network, which will reduce white collar jobs. Less people will also be required to work in accounting and data processing.

+ Internet of Things 

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is the term used for each kind of machines and devices interconnected through the Internet. As soon as 5G is online, there will be tremendous growth in internet off Things. This will also increase the activity of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the help of 5G, real-time data will be analyzed by remotely and mobile sensors. From this, from home appliances that obey orders, the concepts of automobile vehicles and smart cities can come true.

+ HelthcareCare


Are not you feeling well? One day it is going to come when you will be able to order a self-driving mini clinic for your health related problems. This mini clinic offers video link of automated diagnostic test and doctor's range. This is just a glimpse of future healthcare. With the help of Rapid Advancement of Data Transmission, Robotics and AI, changes in the way of healthcare will be seen and its delivery will also be good.

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