Best Smart Assistant Apps And Technology

+ Artificial Intelligence

Its basic idea is to spend creative time at the decision of the routine to do creative work and leave routine decision work on the computer algorithm. By looking at the needs and behavior of customers and learning about it, applications for the future can be made smart phone smart media player game consoles TVs. How would it feel if the different 15 apps on the phone were replaced by a single app? If you want to book a cab, it will decide on your location based on the work schedule, etc., during the day and the result will be offered if you arrive at the restaurant and you take a photo, then post it on a social network. Could.

* Artificial Intelligence will help you with your decision after considering your habits *

+ Smart Assistant

 The next logical step of dialogue between man and machine will be the voice. With smart compatibility, smart assistants can ask the lights to read and send Controls Music Play Reminder Set Message Email. These virtual assistants phones will be live on SmartShir television show refrigerators like two washing machines such as Appliances. You will be able to talk with your selling assistant in a natural way so that you do not have to have a lot of computing power or heavy data users on your device because everything will be completed in the cloud.

+ Multi Camera

You might have seen a smartphone with a dual camera Smartphone multiple camera can combine digital information. You can use depth sensors for a better background blur. You can use different lenses to show the Micro Wide Angle Suite and the distant things near you, gradually triple and quad-rear cameras will be seen in the Flange Ship Smartphones. Along with this, the multi lens standalone camera can also be famous, the light l 16 pack has a camera to hold. It has 16 different image sensors and messages, it is being sold in $ 2000. In the coming time, the camera will be even more expensive. I will start to lose traditional cameras.

+ Module RTI

After the modular device arrives, you do not need to buy them after a new device arrives. * The purpose of modeler devices is to reduce the cost of the price as well as the cheapest, how can they use latest technology without the need of repeat? There are 2 modular concepts in Parikshan tech already working, such smartphones when I can add components myself. To pick up some motorola fones, you can add thick fat large battery large speaker LED projector optical zoom camera
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